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Steele Street Series

Crazy Hearts, Steele Street Book #12

Loose Ends, Steele Street Book #11

Breaking Loose, Steele Street Book #10

Loose and Easy, Steele Street Book #9

Cutting Loose, Steele Street Book #8

On The Loose, Steele Street Book #7

Crazy Sweet, Steele Street Book #6

Crazy Love, Steele Street Book #5

Crazy Kisses, Steele Street Book #4

Crazy Wild, Steele Street Book #3

Crazy Cool, Steele Street Book #2

Crazy Hot, Steele Street Book #1

Classic Romances


Avenging Angel

The Dragon and the Dove

Dragon's Eden

Thieves in the Night

Blue Dalton

Stevie Lee

Dateline: Kydd and Rios

Outlaw Carson

A Piece of Heaven

The Courting Cowboy

Moonlight and Shadow

Scout's Honor

River of Eden

River of Eden

Chalice Trilogy

In a land of dark seas, pagan rituals, and the lost memories of a far distant past comes a story of epic fantasy and stunning sensuality. The time is the twelfth century of the Fifth Age of Men, the year 1198 A.D. The Seven Books of Lore have long been scattered to the far corners of the earth, awaiting the one who can bring them together to fight an ancient enemy from the Age of Darkness.

Chalice and the Blade

Dream Stone

Prince of Time

Seal of My Dreams

Seal of My Dreams