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  New York Times Bestselling Author Tara Janzen  

Chalice Trilogy

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In a land of dark seas, pagan rituals, and the lost memories of a far distant past comes a story of epic fantasy and stunning sensuality. The time is the twelfth century of the Fifth Age of Men, the year 1198 A.D. The Seven Books of Lore have long been scattered to the far corners of the earth, awaiting the one who can bring them together to fight an ancient enemy from the Age of Darkness.


The Chalice Trilogy Book One
August 2012

"Magnificent storytelling, complex flesh-and-blood compelling, I read it in one sitting." Iris Johansen, NYT Bestselling Author

"If you love Outlander and Game of Thrones, don't miss Tara Janzen's epic adventure, THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE...brilliant, breathtaking, and blatantly sensual." Cindy Gerard, NYT Bestselling Author

One woman holds the key to victory in the first clash of war.  Ceridwen, a lost priestess of the old religion, escapes the secluded abbey of her youth and her unholy betrothal to an evil lord, only to be led by fate and sacred prophesy into the castle tower of a sorcerer feared throughout Wales.  

Magician, trickster, and a warrior of uncommon skill and deadly grace, Dain Lavrans survived the Lionheart’s Crusade and his captivity in the Holy Land to become the mage of Wydehaw Castle.  But despite all he’s learned of magic and medicine, he does not behold true enchantment until the mysterious Ceridwen is given into his keeping.  Passion and innocence has never woven a more binding spell than in the maid, nor has power and fierceness ever combined in a less likely vessel. 

From the wild tribes of the forest, to the March lords of Wales, to the defrocked priests from the Isle of Saints, there are many who seek the maiden, all meaning to wrest her power, her legacy, and the promise of immortality for themselves. 

But while politics, passion, and greed seethe across the land, in a labyrinth of caves below a fortress in the north, the world’s most ancient enemy is stirring to life.


The Chalice Trilogy Book Two
August 2012

"Holds us spellbound...[an] extraordinary reading experience." RT Book Reviews

The cataclysmic battle for Carn Merioneth has returned Mychael ab Arawn to the castle of his birth and freed the pryf, the spawn of dragons, into the caves that lie beneath the fortress walls. But treachery and danger abound in the land, forcing Mychael to forsake his monk’s vows in an ever more desperate search for the great and fiery beasts of his most haunting vision – Ddrei Goch and Ddrei Glas, the Red Dragon and the Green Dragon, guardians of the Gates of Time.

Beset on all sides by those who would usurp his rule and use Mychael’s prophesied power for their own purpose, only one of the Quicken-tree dares to follow the mysterious young warrior on his chosen path into deepest danger, Llynya, an elfin sprite with a brave heart and a lightning-fast blade. When long-vanquished enemies return and monstrous forces are gathered on their borders, an ancient priestess will set Mychael and Llynya to the deadly task of their fate. They must call forth the dragons and face an unimaginable evil that threatens to sweep them all into a timeless vortex without end.

But even as he brings the great and mighty dragons to heel, Mychael knows the cost of battle will be dear, and the price he must pay for victory will change him forever.


The Chalice Trilogy Book Three
August 2012

"GUARANTEED TO WOW .... The pace is breathtaking…with dazzlingly sensual scenes." Kirkus Reviews

“[In] the tradition of Anne McCaffrey…a vivid tale for readers who seek the magic of fantasy, the tech edge of sci-fi and the thrilling jolt of true love.” Publisher’s Weekly

The time is the Sixth Millennium of the Trelawney Rebellion, thousands of years after the end of The Fifth Age of Men, and all but one of the Seven Books of Lore have been secured in a desert fortress hidden in the ancient ruins of Wydehaw Castle.

In the mountains of the Middle Kingdom, Morgan ab Kynan, a thief of unsurpassed skill, steals a monastery’s sacred relic, setting the wheels of fate into motion. For 10,000 years the priestesses of Claerwen have awaited a hero, and none more so than Avallyn Le Severn, whose destiny and doom are deeply entwined with the foretold Prince of Time. She’s expecting a sainted warrior. What she gets is Morgan, a mercenary with a fondness for vice-filled dens and off-world wine. But she’s out of choices and out of time, and only one man can take her back into the past to save a twelfth-century mage who holds the last Book of Lore – the charismatic thief marked with the scars of a time-rider.

For 10,000 years, Morgan fell through the Gates of Time, leaving everything he knew and everyone he loved far behind him in the ancient past. But the past has not left him. Earth has been ravaged by centuries of war, and its last chance for salvation now rests on the desperate and dangerous journey he and Avallyn must make.

Sought across the vast reaches of time and space by a ruthless villain known as the Warmonger, only Avallyn can reunite the Books of Lore and keep a dark and ancient enemy from destroying the world – and only by conquering his deepest fears and darkest memories can Morgan fulfill his destiny to take her back through time.