Dylan Hart and Skeeter Bang are back!  After months of waiting, and weeks of writing, I am thrilled to announce that CRAZY LOVE, Steele Street book #5, is finally back on sale in ebook form.  I added two new chapters in the second half of the book, and about a chapter’s worth of new material here and there, making the ebook version 10% bigger than the original paperback. 

Now why in the world did I do that?

Well, I always felt the book was too small, that I’d missed a few important things in one of the most vital relationships in Steele Street – but until the rights reverted back to me, I never had the chance to write the “missing scenes” and make the book bigger and better.  I love the new chapters :-)   They’re all face-to-face time with Skeeter and Dylan after their crazy wild night in the Impala, and being back with the bad girl and the boss these last couple of months has been a blast!  Hope you all enjoy this “director’s cut” of CRAZY LOVE :-)



“One of THE most breathtaking and phenomenal adventure tales to come along in years!”  Jill M. Smith for RT Book Reviews



It’s the middle of the summer and time for a FREE BOOK :-)   Tuesday July 10, Wednesday July 11, and Thursday July 12  –  RIVER OF EDEN will be free at Amazon.

Hope you enjoy this Amazon adventure!


It’s DAY 2 of BBB week, and all I can say is, this guy is in a class all by himself.  My office was plastered with pics of TF while I was writing CRAZY WILD  and CRAZY SWEET – I had a pic of him in handcuffs getting arrested (for a magazine spread) and if I can find it, I’ll post it – that was the Creed photo, very rough and tumble.  I was a huge fan of the short-lived TV series “Tarzan and Jane.”  Does anybody else remember that show?  And that Calvin Klein underwear pic is the one that rocket-launched his career.  I noticed it :-)   How about you??


It’s “Bad But Beautiful Week” here at  with a week’s worth of guys who are hot hot hot and bad bad bad, starting with one of the baddest of the beautiful boys , Johnny Depp looking wickedly gorgeous with his pirate ink.   Go on over to my facebook page to see the ”Who in the world’s got abs like that!” contest photo - he’s at the top of the page, and the first person to guess who he is will get a free TJ ebook of their choice!   I’ll reveal a little more of the mystery bad boy every day until we get a winner :-)   I’ve got my seven BAD BUT BEAUTIFUL guys all picked out.  Anybody else want to share their personal list of who’s too hot to handle and nothing but trouble??




WOW!  Just got an update – the wonderful anthology I and many many other romantic suspense authors put together to benefit medical research for our country’s veterans has, to date, donated over $110,000 to this vitally important endeavor.   Also, SEAL OF MY DREAMS has won The Romance Reviews highest honor as THE BEST BOOK OF 2011!  So if you haven’t picked up this great book yet, go to my home page and click on a buy button :-)  


Well, I had a small glitch with my free book promotion – so have extended it until April 1st.  Which means everyone can get AVENGING ANGEL for free at for the next four days!  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free app to download the book onto your PC.  The free app is listed right under the “Add to Wish List” button.  And here’s the link to the book:

Happy Reading!


Blog and Giveaway

Good morning, everybody!  I’m blogging today, Wednesday, March 28, at RIDING WITH THE TOP DOWN, and the girls in the convertible and I are giving away a free Tara Janzen book, ebook or paperback, winner’s choice.  We’ll be drawing the winner from everyone who comes on over to visit and leaves a comment.  It’s a random drawing, so everyone has a chance.  Check it out at:

Also, in conjunction with the RWTTD blog, I’ve started my first promotion for the Classic Romances – and what else to do, but give away a free book!!  For the next two days, AVENGING ANGEL is FREE at Amazon

I’ve also enrolled AVENGING ANGEL in the Kindle Prime lending program for the next three months.  Once it comes off of the exclusive Kindle program, I’ll put it up for free at Barnes and Noble for NOOK and at Smashwords for all the other formats – matching the free days at Amazon.

And I’ve got to say WOW!!!  Finally got to see ACT OF VALOR and absofrickinglutely LOVED it!!  Awesome film, and the best run-and-gun to hit the screen since – well, since I don’t know when :-)   Watching the real big bad boys in action had me on the edge of my seat – and if you’ve ever sat next to me at an action movie, you know that’s where I spend most of my time ;-) right on the edge, bag of popcorn crushed to my chest, gaze riveted to the screen.  Have any of you been to see the film, yet? 




Well, this is it, boys and girls, my first blog on the new Tara Janzen NEWSFLASH:BLOG. Mostly it will be me blathering along here, but every now and then I’ll have a guest blogger, run a contest or two, announce books as they come out, and let you know what I’m working on – which for the last few months has been publishing my backlist as ebooks, and revamping and updating the web site.

Avenging AngelSo far, I’ve gotten ten of my Loveswept romances online and available for sale again as Ebooks:Classic Romances, with three more to go. AVENGING ANGEL is a RITA Award winning book and really hints at where I was headed with my imagination, with its fast-paced action, the hot car in the first scene, and that our hero is packing some real firepower – all shades of the CRAZY/LOOSE books to come. Chapter Three in SHAMELESS is Shamelessstill one of my all-time favorite chapters. I loved it when I wrote it, and reading it again in preparation for the book’s ebook debut was a real treat. The book still touches my heart and is on Romantic Times’s All-Time Favorite list, a real keeper. There a few adventure romances in the Lovewepts – quite a few – especially THE DRAGON AND THE DOVE, DRAGON’S EDEN, and OUTLAW CARSON. And all the books have hot new covers from Hot Damn Designs – thank you, Kim!

Crazy KissesCRAZY KISSES is back online as an ebook, and CRAZY LOVE will be coming soon. Both are still available in paperback, both online and in bookstores, at least for now. The rest of the STEELE STREET books, from CRAZY HOT to LOOSE ENDS, are still all available online and from bookstores in ebook and paperback.

Crazy LoveRIVER OF EDEN is one of my all-time favorite books, and also another of Romantic Times Magazine’s All-Time Favorite books: “RIVER OF EDEN is one of THE most breathtaking and phenomenal adventure tales to come along in years! Glenna McReynolds has created an instant adventure classic.” Jill M. Smith for Romantic Times. 2002 Best Romantic Suspense Winner

I’ll be excited to get ROE online. I’ll blog about the amazing research for the book when it’s up and running, and tell you about the amazing letter I got after it was published the first time by Bantam Books.

Dragon's EdenThose of you who first read me as Tara Janzen, might not know that I started out writing as Glenna McReynolds, or that I wrote an epic medieval fantasy/romance trilogy: THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE, DREAM STONE, and PRINCE OF TIME. The books were widely acclaimed, here and internationally, and I’m thrilled to be making them available as ebooks.

Once I get all these books online, I’ll be getting back to what I REALLY love – writing a new book. I’ve got three of them in mind, so we’ll see which one tugs the hardest. I’m hoping to have a brand new story published by the end of the year.

Oh, and one more thing – CRAZY KISSES is on sale until the end of March, for $2.99 – the same price as all my Ebooks: Classic Romances (the Loveswepts).

Until next time – TJ